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Walsh horse products are made by hand, in an old fashion way. This means we can guarantee our quality, we are sure as we say that we use the best quality leather. Walsh products aren’t made far away from the original founders, it is still made in the United States not far from Chicago. Not only does this mean we can offer you a high end product we can also make almost everything, just as you wish it would be.

At Walsh we try to make every halter, every item of our training material or every bridle to fit perfect for your horse. But sometimes your horse has special needs, has a nose or head that doesn’t fit our different sizes. No worries, we can make it exactly as you wish it would be. You can send us the correct size of the nose, cheek, breast or any part that doesn’t fit in our sizes products and we will make it exactly as you ask us.

Not only sizes but even colors can be made to your needs. The Walsh Kentucky Halter in Black? No problem, give us some time and you will have your personal Black Kentucky Halter. But don’t forget to ask for your nameplate so you are sure your horses name is on this custom Walsh Product.

More information about this, don’t hesitate and contact us.